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Announced store tweaks for iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking

One of the main concerns of the practitioner jailbreak to do with the upcoming release of iOS 9. In new OSes applied technology Rootless, which will complicate, if not make impossible, the creation of exploit. Therefore, the jailbreak developers are looking for workarounds.

Two programmers with nicknames Freemanrepo Uhelios and announced the store tweaks that works on devices without jailbreak. Tool modification application called Extensify. According to the developers, not necessarily to open root access to the operating system and install Cydia.

What gives Extensify? First of all, the ability to adjust the operation of the applications in the manner of the jailbreak tweaks. For example, to remove the limit on the number of send photos on WhatsApp, add in-app Instagram or Vine button to save photos in the memory device, to remove the limitation on the number of characters in the Twitter app, to run WhatsApp on your iPad, add the function of downloading videos from YouTube and Twitter for offline viewing. All this is possible with Extensify.

The application works as follows. Want to download Extensify to the device to register on the service, choose exos (tweak) and install it. After that, the home screen will be a new icon of a modified application from the App Store with the sign “+” in the title. She will be next to the original application. “Superior” can be use like normal. The original program would also work.

Of course, Extensify it’s hard to call the Cydia replacement. Utility does not allow, for example, to add new buttons in the control room or make modding home screen in the style of the Apple Watch. However, it opens quite wide possibilities for developers and users of iOS devices.

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Due to the nature of work Extensify the authors of the program, there are concerns that Apple will be able to lock the store. However, @freemanrepo and @uhelios determined to finish the job. Release they promise to do in September, shortly after the release of iOS 9.

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