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Google Chrome has tempered the appetite of background tabs to save battery

In the new version of Google Chrome browser developers have implemented reduced energy consumption by background tabs. The program learned to “kill” the activity tab that have a positive impact on the resources and time of Autonomous work of notebooks.

Chrome made another attempt to prove that there is one of the most demanding applications. Reports that the popular browser was less voracious in respect of the CPU and the RAM, appear regularly. In theory, up to this point Chrome would be to improve the computer performance.

The share of open pages running in the background, account for about a third of all energy consumed by the browser in the computer. Therefore, in this direction, I decided to work in the company, preparing a new version of the web browser.

Google Chrome 57 learned to limit the frequency of the timer with tabs using excessive computing power. If before the timers fire at the same time (no more than once per second), now the web browser may delay their execution so that the average load on the PC processor does not exceed 1%.

This innovation does not affect tabs that plays the sound or maintained a constant connection to the website using technologies like WebSockets and WebRTC (they are usually used messengers).

By reducing the activity of the background tabs load Chrome on the RAM and CPU dropped by 25%, which in turn will increase the battery life of a laptop or tablet.

According to analysts, the share of Google Chrome accounts for more than half of the browser market. On the second place on popularity — Internet Explorer in third place behind Firefox.

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