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How to find a parked car without Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth in iOS 10

One of a small but very useful new features in iOS 10 was a function to search a parked car: the Maps app automatically saves the location of the machine and then helps her to find. In most cases, the system automatiseret this process: it detects when it lost Bluetooth connection with a smartphone, suggests that here is the car, and notes it’s location on the map.

Want to use this function, but in your car stereo system is not installed with support for CarPlay or Bluetooth module? You can talk to Siri.

Step 1: After you parked the car, run a virtual assistant, holding the home button or use the voice command “Hey Siri”. Then say “Siri, remember Parking spot”. The helper is automatically put on the map the label “Parked car.”

Step 2: When you return to the car, open the Maps app and follow the route to the place where it was left.

Step 3: Returning to the car, remove the last saved location from the Parking lot. For this you need to launch Siri and say a command like “Siri, forget Parking spot”. After that, the assistant should confirm the removal of this information from the app “Maps”.

Thus, you don’t have to waste time to find your car in a huge Parking lot, and you will not need CarPlay and Bluetooth receiver.

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