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Google intends to release its own chips for Android devices to compete with Apple’s

Google decided to follow Apple and start developing its own single-chip platforms for smartphones and tablets. According to THG, the company is negotiating with some chipmakers, hoping to manufacture their own chips.

In Google believe that it will help to achieve greater uniformity unnecessarily fragmented the Android ecosystem. However, the implementation of this plan in addition to discussions with chipmaker the company will have to solve one very difficult task: to convince the smartphone manufacturers to use chipset Google.

The problem is that small vendors can actually cooperate with Google. However, to convince such giants as Samsung, it is almost an impossible task. And without their support, cherish Google, the project will be devoid of special meaning. However, at the initial stage of work Google can use its own chipsets in smartphones and tablets Nexus, making them one of the competitive advantages of this range.

Google expects that the production of its own chipsets will help the company to achieve better integration of software and hardware components of smartphones. And this is one of the necessary conditions for the implementation of augmented and virtual reality, as well as many other Android features.

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