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Became known about one of the features that Samsung copied the iPhone

Thanks to the cooperation with Apple for the supply of components from Samsung has access to the most advanced technology competitor. It is tempting to use these in their products.

According to The Investor, digging Samsung Display is working on an adaptation of 3D technology for Touch OLED display that will be used in the upcoming smartphone iPhone 8. In the current Apple, this technology allows to determine the strength of pressing the display, use the new Peek and Pop, but also provides haptic feedback.

According to an insider, the technology will provide displays of hypersensitivity, in addition, they will be able to recognize even more degrees of depression. Samsung Display demonstrated some of the technology partners behind closed doors at the MWC 2017.

It is reported that a new 3D Touch technology will be used in new smartphones Samsung Electronics. Partially 3D Touch will find application in Samsung Galaxy S8 for the virtual Home button at the bottom of the display. It will allow to recognize different degrees of pressing to control the smartphone and open the menu.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and subsequent flagships of the 3D Touch should work on the entire display surface.

Recall, the rumors claim that Samsung Display will be the only provider of OLED displays for iPhone 8

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