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Apple has registered in 2015 in 3 times less patents than Samsung

The U.S. patent office has updated the list of companies that have registered the most patents in 2014. It is believed that the total number of patents is a key indicator of technological corporations, and for many firms proprietary technologies are also the main source of income.

Just last year the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. registered 678 300 patents.

Many users believe that Apple is the world leader by quantity of the registered applications, the press even called “vendor collector of patents” for attempting to register all common elements of design. However, the American giant computer electronics received in 2014, “only” 2 003 patent, being in 11th place among corporations that register the greatest number of technologies and solutions.

According to published data, IBM last year became the leader in number of patents obtained in the United States. Received for the year 7534 patents, the company ranked first on this indicator 22 year in a row. IBM intends to engage in empirical estimate of the quality of patents. This should help to weed out “low-quality” applications, i.e., questionable in terms of functionality or in terms of the technical innovations, the number of which has increased in recent years.

On the second place ranking is another manufacturer that devoted to research. Is Samsung, which received in the USA in 2014 4952 patent.

Since the beginning of this year, IBM has already received 3192 patent, Samsung — 2589, Apple – 875. Other members of the list of parameters which may be of interest, are Google (1338 patents), Microsoft (1183), Qualcomm (1133), Intel (762). Closes the top most productive generators of inventions Oracle, which received YTD 244 patent.

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