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Former Apple employees designed the castle for the price of the iPhone

Among the employees of a young startup Otto there are a few ex-Apple engineers. Apparently, this could affect the cost of the smart lock, presented by the company. About it reports The Verge.

Deciding that traditional mechanical locks have long time to go through the evolution, Otto startup has been developing its own “smart” decisions. After several years of hard work, the developers finally introduced the Otto lock Lock.

The novelty differs from the normal lock a number of electronic modules that make it truly “smart.” In order to open the door enough for the user to come to the door, forget to turn on Bluetooth. Authentication can be performed without entering usernames and passwords. If the smartphone was discharged, come to the aid of four-digit pin number sewn in the software filling the castle.

Another feature of the Otto Lock — small size. Development of a startup in two times less than analogues. Smart lock, apart from the Bluetooth module, there are Wi-Fi, which will serve as a Protocol for connecting to devices such as a Google Home, the Amazon Echo. Considering that the developers are planning to integrate and support HomeKit, Otto Lock, apparently, will be compatible with a smart column HomePod from Apple.

The autonomy of the device at the level of 3-4 months of uninterrupted work on the spirit of the CR123 batteries. There is a castle and a backup battery which is automatically activated when the tracker is low battery.

Due to the fact that Otto work came from Apple, the company has decided not to be modest with the price. Otto Lock cost 700 $, and the price of the new iPhone 7. Under the terms of a limited time promotion, install it for free. In the future buyers will have to pay another $ 150 for installation.

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