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“Filmed at the Pixel”: Google has decided not to limit the copying of the iPhone design

At the end of last week Google announced on the official forum has announced that it is looking for new pictures for set top box Chromecast Backdrop. The Backdrop is a slideshow that starts in those moments when the Chromecast is not being used.

But there is one condition — the photos must be done at Pixel or Pixel XL. So the company wants to highlight a camera in the line of the Pixel during the presentation of the smartphone was named “the best”.

Nothing like? Previously, Apple has launched an advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone”, which is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of “Apple” smartphones in the field of photo and video. Google liked the idea and she decided to start the brand is Pixel smartphones with focus on camera phones.

Google published several tips for photographers who want to take part in the competition:

  • Content: landscapes, macro, nature, animals, abstraction, life, cities, buildings, textures.
  • Without people, logos, watermarks, or brands.
  • Landscape orientation.
  • Family format: these pictures will be seen by millions of people on their devices.

To become a participant, you need to send images to the Google page in Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ with the hashtag #teampixel. Winners will not receive any prizes, but their work show promise for millions of people around the world.

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