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Apple has begun selling refurbished Apple Pencil for $85

For those who like to save money or just don’t want to spend the extra money for a new Apple gadget, there is good news. Apple has started selling refurbished devices Apple Pencil at discount prices.

Warranty from Apple involves the replacement of a faulty device by a new one. As a result, with the start of sales of digital pens for iPad managed to accumulate a certain amount of gadgets that were replaced, and later repaired.

Apple Pencil in new condition is $ 99. A used version of the original product are offered for $ 85. Savings of $14 may seem questionable, but this product as new warranty and Apple guarantee the full functionality of the device.

Used or refurbished products are focused on not too pretentious lovers of Apple products who prefer to purchase equipment at a discount. Given the fact that the basis for exchange can serve as a binding cap, you can buy almost new and fully functional pen at the best price.

Apple Pencil marked “Refurbished” come with a one year warranty — same as new and complete with them is Lightning-adapter, extra tip and documentation.

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