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Apple sold close to a billion iPhone

Apple is preparing to sell its billionth iPhone on the account, according to the network resource Inquisitr. This is a significant achievement for any manufacturer gadgets.

The forecast is based on the analysis of the company’s activities by Wall Street professionals, as well as their expectations for corporate reporting Apple for the third quarter of the current fiscal year. Its publication is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26.

According to the source, Apple will announce the sale of 40 million iPhones of various models during the reporting period. Thus, the total number of data devices sold by the company since 2007, will be at the end of June 987 million, More than half of all devices sold for the last two years.

According to analysts, Apple sells an average of about 13 million smartphones per month. This means that the billionth iPhone can be sold from day to day. “Microsoft wanted to put a personal computer on every desktop. Today a smartphone is a computer in every pocket. Our next goal — every person on earth,” said mobile analyst and Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans.

According to the Bureau of census of the U.S. population, as of January 1, 2016, the world population stood at nearly 7.3 billion people. Conventionally, every eighth person on the planet could have a smartphone made by Apple.

The volume of iPhone sales have been steadily increasing for about eight years — since the advent of these devices on the market. However, in the second quarter of fiscal year, Apple recorded a decline in sales of branded smartphones. For the three months it was sold about 51.2 million devices.

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Apple representatives have repeatedly stated the need to reduce dependence on these products. CEO Tim cook noted that he expects the increase in demand for iPads in the future, and to increase the profit from various services, including music Apple Music.

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