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Apple has access to the messages in most instant messengers, including Telegram

Apple and Google can read the correspondence of users of most mobile messenger. This was stated by the expert of the company “Dialogue” Andrey Kuznetsov. According to him, all messages sent via push notification, the “visible” companies-developers of the OS.

When you receive a message on the screen of the smartphone displays a push notification. Since most of the gadgets running iOS and Android, which is owned by Apple and Google, these companies have access to confidential information.

“For me it remains a mystery why most of the messengers in the development of cryptographic protection does not take into account one simple fact: Apple and Google see the content of your push notifications. And no matter how encrypted messages on the servers of the beloved messenger, no matter how distributed parts of the key jurisdictions (the guarantee of the reliability of encryption Telegram), your messages in the clear to merge the companies ‘ servers, located in one jurisdiction, the United States, is known for its desire to control the entire Internet. This applies to all popular services: Facebook, Telegram, VK and so on,” wrote the developer.

Banners with notifications you can activate in most programs for correspondence, thus, at risk of fall, the most popular instant messengers.

Kuznetsov informed the discussion in “Vkontakte” said that Telegram is a danger to national security. “Not available for reading Durov and his team only the contents of the secret chat rooms, everything else is encrypted keys, stored in uncontrollable jurisdictions, and guarantee security of these data is only on the words of Paul,” he said.

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Previously, the Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov claimed that the owners of the messengers there is no access to the messages as they are protected endpoints, encryption keys are stored on users ‘ devices. In his post on the official page of “Vkontakte” Durov mentioned that the contents of the message parts are not protected.

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