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To steal an iPad from the store may be harder than it sounds [video]

A robbery gone bad, with the participation of iPad happened in one of the suburbs of Melbourne. The robber on the vehicle drove into the electronics store by ramming a few shelves. Jumping out of the car, he decided to steal from the table tablet. The events filmed with multiple camera angles of video surveillance.

iPad cushion for man in the mask was secured to the rack holder Maclocks. Hapless offender tried in vain to tear him away from the table. After several unsuccessful attempts, he decided to take the box with the iPad, which stood in the window. However, this time the bad: the store is a box put on the counter to show the product range – it was empty. Realizing this, would-be robber threw out the packaging, got in the car and went home.

The damage caused as a result of a failed robbery, the store was estimated at $30,000 to 40,000. As told in the edition of TV Ten News, every year Maclocks sells about 100,000 anti-theft stand for iPad. After the story on TV sales are accessory probably have increased manifold.

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