Photo post: we have Apple Watch Series 6

Photo post: we have Apple Watch Series 6

Apple this week unveiled its sixth generation watch:


Apple Watch Series 6 introduced: new sensor and new versions

Kostya Baranov

15 September 2020

Five colors, a pulse oximeter, no power supply, U1 chip, Always-on-Display … One can long list the advantages and disadvantages of this watch. But I suggest you just look at them.


Which Apple Watch to Choose in Fall 2020?

Ilya Kichaev

17 September 2020

We will unpack the black version. We will play a similar one soon. We have a 44 mm version. The difference in color is only visible on the sticker on the back:

There are no differences in packaging. Unless a clock is drawn on wrapping paper in new colors (blue and red), and there are also monobralets – the main novelty of this year:

The watch is neatly hidden in a small soft cardboard case:

In the box, in addition to the watch, you will find a "pancake" with a wire – this is a magnetic charger for the watch. By the way, with Apple Watch Series 6 and SE there is no included power supply. Horror. But taking into account the fact that both we and our readers could not say with complete certainty whether the charger was included in other models, everyone does not care:

This is what the cable looks like:

If you suddenly need a cable with a USB Type-C connector, then buy it separately for 3900 rubles:


Check out new accessories for Apple Watch and iPad

Ilya Kichaev

16 September 2020

The watch is also protected by a protective film:

New sensors have appeared at the back. This is a pulse oximeter, it is necessary to measure the level of oxygen in the blood:

The clock interface has not changed in any way. Therefore, let's look at the main feature – measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. The measurement is quite simple: you just need to open the Blood Oxygen app. Open, click on "Start" and do not move for fifteen seconds:

Then you are given the result:

But, in addition to black, we also have red and blue:

The blue watch has a wicker monobracelet, the red one has a black silicone one.

Dimension on silicone is clear without problems. And with wicker everything is more complicated:

Different colors of wicker monobralets:

Well, okay, I got distracted by the straps. Here's another photo with the clock:

Here are the blue mono straps:

And here are the beautiful reds:

Valya and I came to the conclusion: the red watch was created for those who will have a second pair. The fact is that they are very bright and this accessory must be correctly combined with the wardrobe. Therefore, I am sure they will not be as popular as silver or black ones.

And here is a red watch with a complete strap. They combine well with each other, but the color of the silicone didn't suit me:

The red watch, by the way, has an eye-catching box on which the word Watch and the company logo are embossed in red:

By the way! In case you're wondering if new straps go with an old watch or old straps with a new watch, here's the answer:

This is my Apple Watch Series 4 with a brand new braided monobracelet. Looks top! It's a shame we didn't have a silver watch this time.

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