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Do you still think the iPhone 7 is boring?

In April of this year, Apple reported a decline in iPhone sales, but Tim cook didn’t call it a failure, because he had a backup plan. A week later after the publication of the report of General Director of Apple have attracted the attention of the whole world, saying that the next iPhone will get a function, without which we cannot live.

If you break it down, it becomes clear that even while maintaining the “classic” design Apple has all the chances to release another smartphone, which is a bestseller. It is only necessary to disassemble every aspect of the new flagship. And the cupertinos have a surprise.

First, the iPhone 7 will receive the most advanced filling. We are talking about the new powerful processor Apple A10, seasoned with 3 GB of RAM. In addition to increasing the computing power of the chipset will provide significant progress on the part of the battery life of smartphones. This is an important aspect of the updated smartphone and a serious argument in favor of buying new items. Apple refuses to release iPhone 7 on 16 GB of memory: Junior will have the drive to 32GB, but the cost is not more than the 16-Gigabyte version in 2015, the elder will offer a 256 GB for data storage.

Look of iPhone will be preserved in General, but due to the plastic inserts the updated design of the smartphone will be more elegant, and the new colors will add novelty and originality.

Apple will update the 3D Touch technology. Due to the fact that the Home key will touch, it will get support all functions of the software Apple. The company will restart a promising 3D Touch and make it useful in games. Accordingly, third-party developers gets all the powers on the operation of the 3D Touch.

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The new product will complement the advanced camera: the iPhone 7 with one, the iPhone 7 Plus with two lenses. System consisting of two lenses (wide and telephoto) will be capable of capturing more image data, leading to a significant increase in image quality. Technology will allow to measure the dimensions of the photographed object, to simulate a 3D figure, to perform postpecherov, use the optical zoom with the possibility of a 2-3-fold increase.

Pro waterproof case talking about ever since Steve jobs introduced the first generation iPhone. This year, Apple will offer iPhone unsinkable and indestructible, so the applause at the presentation will be even louder than usual.

We have a total of:

  • Fresh, more accurate design.
  • Productive and energy-efficient processor Apple A10.
  • Touch button with 3D Touch support.
  • At least one new color (“black space” or “deep blue”).
  • A new 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone 7.
  • Dual 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Connector Smart Connector for accessories.
  • Double memory: 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.
  • Wireless charging.
  • The waterproof case.

Do you still think the update is boring? Add to the above wireless charging, a new connector Smart Connector for connecting new accessories and benefits 10 iOS (widgets, Siri, the ubiquity of 3D Touch) and you get advanced flagship, which rightfully deserve the title of best smartphone of the year. IPhone sales will go up again, talking about firing Tim cook no one can say a word, though perhaps grumbling about the familiar design will haunt the head of Apple until September 2017.

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