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OnePlus 5T took the iPhone X the title of the fastest smartphone

iPhone X-received in the retail sale of 3 November. Since then, he easily bypassed the competition in all performance tests. But now, Apple lost the title of champion performance.

The new iPhone X has it all. It is the leading smartphone in its class. The design received high marks even from critics. OLED screen anniversary iPhone voted the best in the world. Hardware and software components. Many Benchmarket results of the tests show what they are capable new CPU A11 Bionic. However, Apple fans know that the smartphone is capable of more. The reason lies in the operating system.

At first glance, iOS 11 is a great update of the operating system. There are many new features and enhancements, and firmware version for iPhone X got a few unique gestures. However, problems with the memory usage actually hinder the performance of the device. The company is aware of these shortcomings and is working to overcome.

Many users probably did not know about it, given how well iPhone X coped with the tests of performance compared to the flagship Android-smartphone. But now it has led to the fact that the title of the fastest smartphone OnePlus took 5T.

On the YouTube channel AllApplePro demonstrated the speed comparison between the OnePlus and the iPhone 5T X. Apple Smartphone running iOS 11 and 5T have a firmware Android Nougat, which was released last year.

In the circular tests, X iPhone was slightly ahead, but on the second lap the smartphone had to download all apps again, while the OnePlus 5T has maintained the status of all programs in memory. In the second part, the author departed from the usual circular format of the tests, but the results are still pretty clear. Most of the applications on the OnePlus 5T run faster than on the iPhone X.

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