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Apple is working to prevent new attacks on the App Store

Apple plans to take several measures to prevent further hacking on the App Store, said Wednesday the Vice-President for marketing Phil Schiller. To this end, they will offer to download the software package for Xcode developers from China in the country.

The appearance of malicious apps in the App store proves absolutely safe operating systems does not exist. In defense of Apple, you can say that the company responded quickly to the threat and took measures to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Infection of apps for iOS and OS X has been using modified versions of Xcode, taken from third party sources. In the middle Kingdom download speed program with the American servers left much to be desired, which created favorable conditions for the spread XcodeGhost. As Schiller noted, in the U.S. download the installation file size is about 3.6 GB takes up to 25 minutes, however, the Chinese people had to wait up to three times more.

According to experts, the incident became “collateral damage” from the Chinese policy of regulation of the Internet, due to which the developers can’t download many of the tools they need from servers outside the country. Very soon Chinese developers Apple will provide the official source for quick download Xcode.

Schiller stressed that Apple was not aware that when using the infected apps were transmitting user data. He added that the Corporation plans to warn users of the 25 infected applications that they were able to delete and update them. Full list will be published later.

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Earlier in Cupertino said that the purification is carried out app store from malware that appeared after a major hacking attack on the App Store. The company did not disclose what measures should be taken by iPhone and iPad owners to determine whether contracted their devices. But according to Apple representatives, the malicious code is not for users serious risk.

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