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Delivery flagship devices in Russia because of the crisis reduced

To get client, mobile manufacturers are forced to conduct numerous promotions and discounts. Such retailers, as Evroset and Svyaznoy, have already started reducing prices on more than 200 models of smartphones. But the crisis measures that are not limited.

HTC and LG refused to supply the latest flagship in Russia and replaced it with “light” modifications. On the eve of the first announced that are not yet ready to sell in our country, the top model HTC 10. It will be replaced by HTC 10 Lifestyle — “lightweight” variant of the smartphone, not differing externally and on most functions. While the standard version is equipped with a powerful chipset Snapdragon 820 4GB of RAM, HTC 10 Lifestyle will be limited to less productive Snapdragon processor 652 and 3 GB of RAM.

LG, in turn, refused to supply to Russia LG G5 with the best stuffing. In our country, as well as Latin America and China will release a more affordable version with the Snapdragon chipset 652 and 3 GB of RAM. The other characteristics will remain in place, including design.

Now the only major manufacturers like Samsung and Apple can afford the luxury of expensive import devices to the Russian market.

“Russia finally became a country economy. The solvency of the population is rapidly declining, and bring to market in such circumstances, expensive flagships can only afford the company with significant marketing support.

So for the first time major manufacturers have gone on unpopular measures and decided to bring to Russia stripped-down versions of flagships. This will allow to reduce the price, which because of the crisis became the main criterion for the selection of equipment. The success or otherwise of this measure will depend on the actions of competitors, primarily Samsung. Due to the decrease in demand each company will fight for buyers with discounts and promotions”, – said Dmitry Ryabinin, head of Hi-Tech Mail.Ru.

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The head of the analytical company Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov has warned that manufacturers have to reduce prices on smartphones up until the buyers will not have money.

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