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The loss budget of Ukraine because of the “black” iPhone valued at $40 million a year

The state budget of Ukraine annually loses more than 1 billion UAH (about $40 million) from the illegal sales of smartphones Apple iPhone. About this writes the local edition.

According to insider in one of the distribution networks involved in the sale of equipment in the networks of mobile operators last year were recorded a day about 600 new smartphones Apple and only about 24% (about 140 pieces) of them were legally transported across the border. Given the fact that the maximum “black” sales are on the most expensive models, the share of the black money of the goods is close to 95%,

“We estimate that annually the state budget receives less than 1 billion USD from the payment of taxes on the import of “black” and “gray” iPhone”, – quotes Business statistics Vesti.

In particular, journalists provided a formula whereby you can determine the approximate amount of tax evasion for one of the iPhone models. “The average cost of sold devices, considering the current share of black market is difficult to calculate, but if you get attached to the cheapest model 6s, which is the official retail costs as at 5 April 2016 23999 USD, only this model we have: the Turnover 2015: 23999 x 600 UAH./day x 365 days x 95% (the share of smuggling) = 4 950 991 992 USD. Unpaid taxes in 2015: 4 992 991 950 UAH– 4 992 991 950 UAH / 1.26 in (VAT + import duty) = 1 030 926 299 UAH”, – noted journalists.

In the country smartphones-”illegals” are imported in two ways – “black” and “gray”. The first way is when unscrupulous companies, violating the right to import, by bribery technique transport illegally across the border. The second is to buy equipment from individuals and private entrepreneurs, because the person has the right, supposedly for personal use, to import into Ukraine a few smartphones.

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In confirmation of the words journalists have acquired two illegal iPhone 6s in two online stores and received a conclusion in the official service center Apple that these devices are not intended for use in Ukraine, in General, like all “black” Apple.

To deal with this problem interviewed experts and people’s deputies of Ukraine by making changes in the legislation, as well as attracting the attention of law enforcement authorities to the problem of black market iPhone, which continue to be sold openly via online shopping and price comparison sites, despite promises of the authorities to restore order smuggling.

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