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5 reasons to abandon the purchase of a new MacBook Pro in the MacBook Pro with Retina display

In late October, Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro in a thinner body, the main feature of which was a touch OLED panel above the keyboard. New computers were given many advantages over its predecessors and competitors, but to buy the latest MacBook is not always a good idea.

1. Comfortable keyboard

For a start it is worth noting the keyboard since that’s what many loved laptops. Keyboard on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is undoubtedly the best of its kind. In the new MacBook Pro uses a different key system with butterfly mechanism, which in theory should improve the already excellent keyboard. However, the result is quite controversial, because for many users this change had no taste due to the small stroke of the keys and another absolute sensation when printing.

2. “Proven” technologies

Before you decide to buy, think whether you are ready to be a tester of new technologies. Often, in these situations POPs up a huge number of problems. In this case, the problems can be associated with touch panel Touch Bar and Touch ID. The fingerprint scanner of course, we have already seen in iPhone but if to speak about the first generation of fingerprint sensor, it is not even close to been the same as it is now. Apple took several years to bring the technology of recognition of fingerprint to perfection. A similar situation can be with the Touch Bar.

3. All the connectors

The biggest question, of course, cause connectors. Depending on the model MacBook Pro you get two or four USB a-C. In General, the movement forward is great, but it also means that you will have to use a huge amount of adapters and cables, as the devices supporting the new standard, can be counted on the fingers.

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Imagine that you won’t even be able to connect your iPhone 7 for MacBook Pro 2016 without an adapter. In the new Apple portables is missing a card reader, so it will also need to buy. With the old MacBook Pro you will have all the right connections, and most importantly, the magnetic MagSafe connector for charging, which a few years ago, Apple was positioned as a real innovation.

4. SD slot for expanding internal memory

The “classic” MacBook Pro has the ability to expand the storage through SD slot. On eBay you can find dozens of models tailored for Apple laptops memory cards that allow you to increase the volume up to 2 TB. Thus, you don’t have to carry a pile of adapters and external hard drives. For obvious reasons, a MacBook Pro 2016 is not going to work.

5. Price

Well, perhaps the most powerful argument in favor of earlier models of the MacBook Pro is definitely the price. On Apple’s official website is sold to buy an old MacBook Pro at a starting price of 106 990 rubles. For comparison, the most affordable version of the new MacBook without the touch pad 119 is 990 rubles. If you want to buy a computer with a touch panel, the minimum price of this model will be 144 990 rubles. It is worth noting that prices in the official store company is usually higher than that of retailers. Online you can find MacBook Pro 2015 is even cheaper. To save a decent amount will also allow you to buy a laptop “with hands”.

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