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Augmented reality Apple is not interested in developers

Despite the fact that Apple is actively promoting technology ARKit, the developers are not particularly interested in its use and development. This is stated in the report by research firm Apptopia.

According to analysts, the developers are actively creating apps that support ARKit immediately after its occurrence. Unfortunately, over time, the number of such applications has decreased significantly.

In September, the developers have published in the App store 300 games and programs that are somehow related to augmented reality. In October the number was reduced to 200. In November to 155. And in December increased slightly to 170.

In General Apptopia counted in the App Store less than a thousand applications that support ARKit. 30% of them are games. 13.2% are classified as “Entertainment”. Another 11.9% of utilities. 7.8% are in the category “Education”. 7.5% are related to photography and shooting video. 5.4% included in the list of “lifestyle”. Another 24.2% were in the “Other”category.



Data Apptopia is notable and important, but do not forget that not all developers have mastered the new technology, and indeed ARKit will be much improved in the future.

Tim cook has said many times about how he believes augmented reality is one of the most important technologies of the future:

“Augmented reality as important and extensive as a smartphone. A smartphone is created for all. iPhone fits all people no matter where and how they live. I think augmented reality is similar to the iPhone in this regard. Technology can make people’s lives better. And it’s interesting. AR is not just a single technology. It will become the nucleus for future developments.”

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