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Apple has closed 147 vulnerabilities in the latest updates for iOS, OS X and Safari

Apple releases security fixes for iOS and OS X, and Safari browser, reports Securitylab. In General, the patch was removed 147 vulnerabilities is one flaw in iOS, 101 vulnerability in OS X and Safari vulnerabilities 45.

In addition to various improvements to the functionality, the operating system OS X El Capitan includes fixes for 101 vulnerabilities. Apple has eliminated a gap that allows disclose sensitive information and bypass security restrictions.

In iOS 9.0.2 update fixed issues with the use of mobile Internet, activating iMessage, iCloud backup, and turn the screen on the latest iPhone models. Was also improves stability of the app Podcasts. According to the experts, with this release Apple has fixed the vulnerability that enabled to bypass the lock screen. The breach allowed the attackers to gain access to photos and contacts on iOS devices using Siri.

For users who have decided not to install OS X El Capitan, was an update of the Safari browser. The update is recommended for all Mac users. It contains fixes for 45 vulnerabilities, mainly affecting the WebKit. Most of the vulnerabilities allowed remote code execution when opening malicious web pages.

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