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Apple gave the people of Greece a month of free iCloud

Apple allowed the people of Greece free extended subscription iCloud for 30 days. This measure is related to the fact that the Greeks are temporarily unable to pay monthly fees because of capital controls.

In early July, the Greek authorities have decided to suspend international online payments. Make transfers and to pay off credit cards until you have only the operations in the country. As a result, users of iPhone and iPad there was a problem with the payment of cloud services at Apple.

According to the Agency, now in the country transfers can only be done within it. The European Commission has agreed to entered into the country limitations despite the fact that they contradict the agreements of the EU on the free movement of capital. As stated by the European Commissioner for financial services Jonathan hill, “in the current situation, the stabilization of the financial and banking system in Greece is the most important issue of public policy”.

Previously Apple had sent the Greeks a letter stating that if payments are not held on time, the amount of storage in iCloud Drive will be reduced to the free 5 GB. The cost of access to the cloud service is 0.99 EUR 3.99 EUR or 19,99€, depending on the tariff plan. Subsequently, Apple has changed the decision and sent the new conditions.

“Dear user, iCloud,

To prevent problems with the iCloud service in the current economic situation, associated with the inability to use the content in the cloud, we have decided to extend your data plan for 30 days at no extra cost,” – said in a statement.

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Previously, experts believed that Alexis Tsipras and Janis Varoufakis would have to apply for financial assistance no to the EU and the IMF, and to Apple. High-tech giant is able to pay for a large part of Greek debt. Free money from the manufacturer – 200 billion – enough to buy almost all of Greece.

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