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Apple will change the battery in your iPhone regardless of condition

Last week Apple launched a large programme to replace batteries in the iPhone. It is now known that it can participate more owners of smartphones Apple.

Initially it was thought that the batteries will only be changed after the diagnosis of the devices. If the inspection revealed that the capacity of the battery decreased to 80% or less, the owner of the gadget would get a discount on a replacement. Otherwise he had to pay the full amount.

According to the latest data from the portal iGen, no diagnostic Apple will not hold. And if it is, then regardless of the outcome, employees of the official service center will be required to change the battery at a reduced price. 29 instead of $ 79.

Probably, thus the company is trying to appease the negative attitude of users affected by the slowdown of their gadgets.

We should not forget that the program will only include iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE.

A few weeks ago Apple admitted that deliberately reduces the performance of the old iPhone to protect them from accidental shutdowns under heavy load. This news caused a wave of negativity from users. Some of them filed for a Corporation in court. Apple has brought users apology and offered them a discount on a replacement battery. And also promised to add iOS-specific interface that displays battery status.

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