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IPhone sales under threat due to a program to replace batteries

Barclays, one of the largest banks in the UK, third Jan published a new analyst. It became clear as the Apple battery replacement can affect the shares and the company’s revenues.

Analyst mark Mavis, based on recent data from Barclays, made a suggestion. He believes that the problem with the iPhone battery and the program to replace them will affect not only the sale of “Apple” smartphones in the future, but on the Apple share price. Despite the fact that the company’s decision to reduce the cost of replacement batteries, iPhone was well received, the total revenue of the IT giant may be reduced by four percent.

According to Barclays, there are 519 million iPhone, which fall under the program. Presumably, the campaign will use not all, and Apple will change the batteries only 54 million (about 10% of the total) phones. Changing the battery for 29 dollars, the company can earn about 1.56 billion dollars, but lose 10 of billions, if not sell 16 million iPhones. It is quite probable, after all, the smartphone users will no longer slow down and need the new device will not be simple.

Given all this, Barclays gives AAPL a neutral rating, but lowers the share price, valuing it at 162 US dollars. In addition, the Bank shares the General concern about overestimated demand for the iPhone X, assuming that Apple will only sell 56 million iPhones X in the first and second quarters of 2018.

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