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Apple released a book dedicated to the 20-year history of the design of the company’s products, with 450 photos

Apple released a gift book in hardcover on the history of the design of the company’s products. The publication covers a period of 20 years, starting with the candy iMac in 1998, to “smart” pen, Apple, Pencil, released in 2015.

The brochure has 450 Apple products photos in high resolution, including different models of iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch and other devices. The book is titled “Designed by Apple in California” dedicated to the founder of the Corporation Steve jobs.

The book was published in two sizes and printed on paper with special texture and silver edges. As noted in the Apple, it was created over eight years and is issued by the company, and no third-party publisher.

“Although this book is about design, it is not about a team of designers, the creative process or product development. It is an objective representation of our work, which, ironically, describes us. The book contains a description of how we work, our values, concerns and goals. We have always strived to ensure that we were judged by our deeds, not words,” said Director of Apple design, Jonathan Ive.

The book will be on sale for $199 and $299 in compact and large formats, respectively.

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