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Directiva – how to do business in the 21st century

With the advancement of technology has greatly changed the system of communication between people. We used to communicate mostly in person, then on the phone, later on the forums, now, many important issues are dealt with through instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram and so on. With the change in functional communication has also changed communication in the working field profile chats in instant messengers a long time is not uncommon, and sometimes a harsh necessity. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nowhere to grow – on the contrary, there are new applications that can help with solving business issues. Directiva – one of these programs, which is essential if you participate in the middle management.

Main purpose of the application – that was a convenient opportunity to delegate tasks. It looks like this: you enter the program, create a task, attach a description, estimated budget and deadlines. In addition, may immediately appoint a contractor. Subordinates see it, and understand what their mission is – and you don’t have to call anything extra to explain, and just to fill in a short template. In addition, unlike oral forms, this format imposes an additional responsibility – an employee sees clearly the task (see other), and less likely that she skimp on.

Next comes the fun part. If the contractor solves the problem, he notes, and, if necessary, leave a comment. Something you can finish and you as a leader; in addition it is possible to note the level of execution. Or the contractor may make some changes – of course, you have the last word. The progress reports can be archived, which is very convenient: at the end of the month, it is sufficient to count the number issued to the staff of stars, and on this basis, for example, to identify the best and worst employees. Space to guide a wide.

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Who and why this app need? For example, if you have a business mediocre – not necessary every day to hold meetings, to daily remind the system administrator to refill the printer, and to solve communication problems a million: just give to tasks, and then, in the app, checked their implementation. Or, for example, if you are a Manager in the company – need for the planning meeting, it would suffice a couple of times a day to go to “the Directive”, and from there to follow the progress of the work. And the employee can initiate the task – that is, the feedback is there.

Importantly, the concept of the application is taken not from the ceiling, and on the basis of this management theory. It has implemented the principles of inclusion, there is a detailed system for review referred to feedback and some important attributes to formulate the task as precisely as possible – and, as a consequence, increase the chances of successful execution. Note that the application is clear and concise interface is made specifically so as not to confuse its user. Convenient location of panels, all letters and figures on the spot, a wide field for editing. Almost all the operations – one or two clicks; nothing easier in the segment such applications simply does not.

In addition, you may find that the functionality of the program quite narrow – this is partly true. But this is a specialized application which is designed to solve a specific task – to facilitate the process of communication with employees; extra features here would just distract from the main and prevented. All sorts of chat rooms, multimedia whistles and other attributes, of course, would extend the functionality, but cast a shadow over the Central task of the Directiva, which is precisely what the authors of the program wanted to avoid.

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The application has a trial 14 day period after which you will need to pay monthly for 500 rubles – such a rate. Given the business specifics and the potential profit (the more efficient fine grinding work, the more earnings) – quite a normal price. So, if you are leading people, and still suffer, as they would be most available and quick to delegate work, now you know where to go.

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