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How to disable the iSight camera for the MacBook macOS Sierra

Not so long ago, many news sources reported on the website on the Internet, which collected the streaming images from the cameras users. The incident caused many users to think about disabling the Webcams on their laptops and desktops. How to disable the iSight camera on a MacBook you will learn from this article.

Although this incident happened rather because many users do not change passwords to their IP-cameras to disable the built-in or integrated camera on your Mac much easier in the event it is not used.

“The MacOS users”, which are not very serious about his private life, can laugh about it, but if you are really concerned about privacy, there is no better option than to completely turn off the camera on a MacBook or iMac at the time, when not in use.

If you decide to disable the webcam on a Mac, you have several ways. The simplest, of course, is sticking adhesive tape. But much more aesthetically pleasing to do it at the software level that will allow you to quickly enable it when needed.

So, in order to shut off the camera in macOS Sierra, you can use a special app. The utility is called iSightConfigure and is a script that automatiseret process disable iSight in Apple. To use the application is very simple: you need to run a program that will show a window with two buttons “Enable iSight” and “Disable iSight”. If you want to disable the camera, press the second button, to return all “as it was” – second hit.

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iSightConfigure – the easiest way to disable and enable the camera Mac, what you can see from this article. Download the utility free at this link.

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