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PayForInstall: how to make money by downloading apps

Many of us are concerned with the question how to earn online without much effort? Nothing can be done about the human desire to “get more-work less” nothing can destroy, and, as you know, many scammers are cashing in on this by offering to victims of mountains of gold. In the end, the unsuspecting users are at best with nothing. But today we talk about a completely fair earnings, which may not put you in the garage premium car, but will throw some pocket money.

Payforinstall popular service format “download apps for money.” Works very simple: you register in the system, and the software highlights available for you tasks. As a rule, requires nothing to download some app, run it, and get your share of the reward. Size the amount paid varies greatly and depends on the complexity of the task: normal boot pay 5-10 rubles. But, if the application needs something else to do (to reach the fifth level, for example), the fee increases and may reach even 150 rubles. Overall, spending on this activity for an hour a day, you can earn 500-1000 rubles, not much, but you do not design rockets did, right?

The amount of “wages” can be increased, if we look into the referral system. It is simple but effective: give the link of his friend, he registered, and your account drops to 10% of his earnings. If you pick up a cohort of hard-working friends, you get a small passive income – the amount that falls to your account, regardless of the amount of the work done by you.

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Incidentally, with regard to withdrawal. The threshold output amount in Payforinstall symbolic and the money is credited, as a rule, very quickly – depends largely on where you will withdraw. To the total amount on the credit card, QIWI wallet, Webmoney or just adding to the balance of the phone.

Special paragraph for suspicious people who always see the deception and conspiracy. Payments Payforinstall not “me” and promptly donates money – largely because of the loyalty of the users and the wellbeing of the service. The thing is that amount going to you on the wallet, Payforinstall receives from the developers of the apps that you download (for those its own reasons to enter into a contract with Payforinstall). As you can see, all in this cycle are interested in the normal functioning of each other.

The result is a good way to earn pocket – if you have (for example, because of their age) not very many sources of income, Payforinstall will be a good help. The app is available for both iOS and Android. You can earn including on tablets, so if you have a few gadgets, feel free to “bomb” once the number of devices will double-triple the earnings.

And for readers MacDigger is an interesting event: when registering, enter code “macdigger” and your account will be credited with 50 coins. Great starting bonus to start making money!

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