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Android users M complain of abnormal battery drain

The time of life between charges is one of the most important aspects of any device, and it is largely the determining factor when buying. In the case of Android are not always in operation gadget confirms the manufacturer the indicators of autonomy. The fact that this characteristic depends not only on the installed battery capacity, but also on the characteristics of the operating system Google.

It is known that the Android platform can boast of respect for the resources of the battery. However, many users were hoping that with the release of Android M, the situation will improve. Unfortunately, this is not a speech.

Obviously, the larger the smartphone or the tablet is in deep sleep, the less battery you use. However, the application effect inherent in their functions constantly waking up the gadget and CPU intensive work. This applies to both third-party programs and some system processes. According to numerous user reports, this problem is not specific to Android 5.0, but also for your new Android M.

The problem is that if on a mobile device to activate the data transmission function, all related to Internet applications consume energy even in idle state; to cope with the discharge only helps kill tasks, using only Wi-Fi, or turn off radios.

According to the Android 5.x and Android Lollipop M, KitKat this problem was absent, and all apps had stopped using the Internet connection in their normal closure. Since April this problem Android M facing more than 500 people. Some battery for 8 hours of the smartphone in standby discharged to 60%.

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