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Steve Wozniak didn’t recognize himself in the new film “Steve jobs”

This week Universal studios has released the trailer for Danny Boyle’s “Steve jobs”, devoted to the biography of the pioneer of the mass distribution of personal computers, inventor and entrepreneur. According to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, his character in the Hollywood film not like him.

Wozniak claimed not to recognize yourself in the new trailer, but added that he has nothing against, because it’s Hollywood. Like any educated person, he understands that cinema is an art, and to find fault with such things seriously not worth it.

In the new film partner Steve jobs plays a famous canadian actor Seth Rogen. The role of Steve jobs takes the Michael Fassbender.

From the official trailer suggests, the film touches upon the theme of confrontation between jobs and Wozniak, which, according to co-founder of Apple, has never existed. After watching the trailer, really, you can decide what the co-founder of the “fruit” of the Corporation competed, which, according to Who, never was.

“I never was accused of stealing a graphical interface. And never did the comments about the fact that someone stole my idea (brilliant),” said Wozniak. In addition, he said that many of the events in the tape preukrasheno.

Besides Fassbender and Rogen in the film was played by Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, a part of the team that developed the first Macintosh computers, and Jeff Daniels, who plays former Apple CEO John Scully fired jobs. The picture will be released on October 9.

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