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YotaPhone 2 in Russia became the most expensive in the world

In connection with the strengthening of the ruble Russian retailers are gradually reducing the price of its flagship smartphones. However, the YotaPhone 2, it seems, lives in the market with special rules. So, the official price of the black version of the first Russian smartphone today is kept at the level of 39 990 rubles (at the level of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9), and white – level 42 990 rubles, while at the presentation it was said that to buy a second-generation smartphone will be for 32 990 rubles. Experts of Hi-tech.mail asked the question, why is this happening and how much is the YotaPhone 2 in other countries.

In the UK the YotaPhone 2, the first smartphone with two touch screens that started with 555 pounds for the white version; currently the gadget is available to buy at 444 pounds, at the rate equal to 34 496 rubles – 5494 rubles cheaper (by 16% in relative units). A similar situation in the countries of the European Union: today the price of the YotaPhone 2 official retailers is set at 599 euros, 100 euros lower than at the moment of appearance of the gadget on the market. Translated into rubles, will receive: 373 33 of the ruble, the price, as you can see, below 6617 rubles, or almost 20%.

In the United Arab Emirates Russian smartphone you can buy for 2555 dirhams, which corresponds to 34 163 rubles. The difference – 5827 rubles, or 17%. In Hong Kong, the smartphone is HK $ 5999, which corresponds to 38 048 rubles. As you can see, even here cheaper gadget – 1942 rubles, or 5%. In Singapore YotaPhone 2 with the original bumper as a gift offer for s $ 979. This 36 409 rubles, and it is on 3581 ruble (9.8 per cent) cheaper than in Russia.

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How do we explain the fact that in the Motherland of the first Russian smartphone more expensive than abroad? The situation said Yota Devices:

“Yota Devices monitors the volatility of exchange rates and soon plans to announce a decision regarding the price of the smartphone in the case that the situation on the currency market will remain unchanged. The price of the smartphone in other countries has become comparable only in the last three weeks due to the strengthening of the rouble; up to this point, the YotaPhone 2 in Russia was 25-35% lower than in other regions of the world.

At the moment the price of the YotaPhone 2 in Europe and the Middle East comparable to the Russian. Now, however, consumers in some European countries have the opportunity to buy a smartphone with a 15% discount in the marketing action, which is temporary in nature and provides a discount on YotaPhone 2 in black and white versions only for the period of its validity”.

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