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Speed test: iOS 10.3 beta 2 vs iOS 10.2.1 [video]

The need to install updates frequents users of Apple mobile devices. Often the dilemma arises from the owners not the new iPhone and iPad, which is showing signs of slowing down as new versions of iOS. Author YouTube channel iApple Bytes tested fresh dough iOS release 10.3 beta 2 and final version of iOS 10.2.1 and came to interesting conclusions.

The blogger has posted four videos, which shows a synchronous operation of the two operating systems. Regardless of the model, iOS 10.3 when the number of operations shows a higher speed than the iOS 10.2.1. This primarily concerns the speed of loading the operating system the device is switched on – here iOS 10.3 saves the user from 3 to 7 seconds.

The difference in performance iOS iOS 10.3 and 10.2.1 is mainly connected with the transition to the file system APFS, the author of the experiment. In the new OS it replaced the previous file system HFS Plus, which Apple first introduced in 1998. APFS were developed from scratch and is focused primarily on working with flash storage and improved data encryption.

The second beta iOS release 10.3, released February 6, weighs from 450 to 700 MB depending on the device and has a number 14E5239e. You can download it from the Apple website or from the updates directly on the iPhone or iPad.

iOS 10.3 beta 2 vs iOS 10.2.1: iPhone 5

iOS 10.3 beta 2 vs iOS 10.2.1: iPhone 5s

iOS 10.3 beta 2 vs iOS 10.2.1: iPhone 6

iOS 10.3 beta 2 vs iOS 10.2.1: iPhone 6s

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iOS 10.3 in addition to the APFS has several other features. In particular, Apple’s developers have implemented a feature called Find My AirPods, which gives the user the ability to quickly find lost headphones. Location AirPods are shown on the map.

In addition, 10.3, iOS offers enhanced support for devices “smart” home HomeKit. Also increased the number of commands you can give Siri – now personal assistant can help you transfer money, the clarification of the status of payments and the taxi booking via Uber.

Application developers in iOS 10.3 can update the icons of your apps separately from the programs themselves and call on the home screen window of the app rating by the users.

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