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Case adapter for MacBook protects from damage the power cable

The cables from the charging cords from the headphones and other cables, randomly twisted in the bag, wear out over time. Cause damage to the accessories is not properly stored.

The company Juiceboxx has released the fixture for the power supply of the MacBook, which solves the problem of mechanical deformation. “Makemod” can use the adapter without fear of damaging the wire insulation. According to manufacturer, Juiceboxx protects the cord from wear, cracking, overheating, dirt and damage.

Made of durable plastic case allows you to twist the cord around the power supply unit without any concerns with time to spoil the base of the cable. He will always be securely fixed and will not be unwound in the process of transportation, and the base of the cord is the weakest point of the adapters is protected from wear.

Correctly folded cord not only protects it from damage (the cable does not get naked in the attachment to the power unit), but also allows you to use the adapter and plug and connector are in a free state.

Juiceboxx is available for order on the manufacturer’s website. The cost of the accessory is presented in six colors, is $ 20. Available models for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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