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Alarm clock Wake Alarm Clock is a free app of the week in the App Store

Every week certain games and apps in the App Store can be downloaded for free under “app of the week”. This time Apple has appointed such an excellent smart alarm clock for iPhone and iPad from the company Tiny Hearts Limited.

Wake Alarm Clock can offer beautiful minimalistic design. The clock provides an unusual revival and even a little cruel. Audible alarm app won’t shut up while the user struggles not shake hands the phone. It is anticipated that this workout needs a little shake sleepy person. At the same time get a small charge.

Interface Wake Alarm Clock is constructed very simply – here is an ordinary clock face. Here and choose the time of their awakening. And a very original way: you must use a circular motion around the ring. There is a feeling that the coming hours or use an old iPod.

Wake Alarm will not give to just reset the alarm. Then have a little “sweat”. The developers came up with three modes. First. The alarm goes off, hit the phone signal is delayed. Second: to turn off the alarm – enough to turn the iPhone. And third off kinda nice, but at the same time is not needed in the moment ringtone, you have to shake the phone until the virtual cocktail bar on the iPhone screen is filled.

During the week Wake Alarm Clock can be downloaded for free. The typical cost for an app in the App Store is 220 rubles.

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