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Qualcomm demanded to ban the import of iPhone in USA

Court confrontation between Apple and Qualcomm are unlikely to settle a peace agreement is signed. Recently it became known that the iPhone maker has ceased to transfer the contract to the suppliers of funds intended for Qualcomm. And Qualcomm, in turn, filed a counterclaim to the “Apple” giant, which first went to court in January.

The essence of the claims by Apple is that the method of determining the license fees Qualcomm is not fair, in the opinion of the cupertinos. The American chip maker requires to deduct a percentage of the cost of the entire device, e.g. iPhone. Meanwhile, the cost of the smartphone is not the only components using a technology of Qualcomm. The same fingerprint scanner or a phone display is irrelevant to the development of Qualcomm do not have.

Apple in General is “countless innovations” for which the pay Qualcomm would not be very fair, said on the eve of Tim cook. This is the principled position of Apple.

As reports Bloomberg with reference to informed sources, Qualcomm has decided to go to the international trade Commission USA (ITC) to ban the import into the United States iPhone smartphones that are manufactured in Asia. No matter whether the devices of the chip Qualcomm, the latter has the right to demand royalties from every smartphone that supports data transfer at high speed.

If Qualcomm will implement your plan, it will be a serious blow to Apple and will prevent the September release of the next-generation iPhone. According to recent reports, 40% of the revenue Apple gets from iPhone smartphones that are manufactured in Asia.

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For Qualcomm the fight for royalties – the usual thing. Analysts believe that the company in proceedings with Apple can use the courts in the UK, Germany and China, which, as practice shows, much faster considering such cases.

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