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Sales of Mac computers fell for the first time in two years

In October there will be the wave of quarterly reports from July to September inclusive. Leading analyst firm always precede the officially published data of the publication of the provisional results. It’s their bread — selling information before the competition. Experts of the analytical Agency IDC claim that the computers in the Mac lineup for the first time in two years became worse to sell.

A series of personal computers Mac, including MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro, were sold much worse than before. The third quarter was the worst for Apple computing devices since 2013. This was the conclusion from research company, based on interim data on volumes of supplies and the sale of goods. Exact data Apple will publish in its traditional report.

According to experts, the entire personal computer market in recent years, began to decline. In the third quarter of calendar 2015, the PC market compared with last year decreased by 10.8%, while the expected decrease of 9.2%. The blame for the depreciation of regional currencies against the US dollar and the rapid release of Windows 10. Sellers are in no hurry to score the warehouses computers, buyers prefer to upgrade the PC, instead of buying new ones, while OEMs were not to start production of certified systems to support “dozens”. General “diligence” in the third quarter it sold 71 million personal computers (including laptops).

Fall and delivery of Mac computers. According to estimates IDC, in the first quarter, Apple shipped 5.3 million units sold. Last year there were 200,000 more.

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Experts do not yet make specific predictions on this issue. But some of them see serious competition for Apple in the face of Microsoft. Recently the company introduced its first notebook Surface Book, which reportedly runs twice as fast as MacBook Pro.

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