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“VKontakte” unplugged background music playback on iPhone Apple

The management of “Vkontakte” ruled out the possibility of listening to music in the background in the latest version of the app for iPhone. This condition pushed Apple to the client has passed moderation and is now available for download in the app store. This was stated press Secretary of “Vkontakte” Giorgi Lubushkin.

Update Vkontakte version 2.2.1 released may 15. The app is missing the ability to listen to music in the background: when screen off iPhone music playback stops. The opportunity to listen to music from Vkontakte, when the display shows another program actually made the app in the social network audio player.

“In the latest version, disabled the service to play music in the background. It was imperative for Apple to update the app has passed moderation in the App Store” — said the press-Secretary of “Vkontakte” Giorgi Lubushkin whose words lead the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“However, in the near future we expect to return this opportunity at the launch of the new functions associated with playing in the background”, he added.

The relationship of Apple and “Facebook” were difficult last year. At the end of April 2014 from the App store app disappeared Vkontakte for iPhone, in the middle of may of the same year and for the iPad. The main claims by American companies was the availability of social networks and unlicensed adult content.

In mid-July, an iPhone app back in the App Store. However, it was substantially revised, in particular, is related to the music. “VKontakte” have made integration with iTunes — branded music service Apple. All you have added to your page, the song was played as a whole, but the songs that appeared in the news and on the pages of friends, it was possible to hear only a short fragment. Each such fragment is accompanied by links to iTunes where you can buy the full track.

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In February 2015 a new version of the application “Vkontakte” was released without the feature to play music. Soon users found that access to their music section is accessed by typing in the search box address “” and in the search results to open the link.

To a new release of Apple lodged Vkontakte condition about removing the possibility of listening to music if the app is minimized or when the phone screen is in sleep mode.

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