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Apple has released the new version of Swift Playgrounds for learning programming in a playful way

Apple announced that the brand company’s application Swift Playgrounds, which helps to learn programming, is now available on five new languages: simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Latin American Spanish.

App Swift Playgrounds designed for easy and interactive learning and experimentation with real code. It is suitable for students and beginners who just started with Swift is easy to learn programming language by Apple, where developers create applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

The application has created the Apple programming lessons, puzzles and challenges to explore basic principles of writing code, and built-in templates that enable users to implement creative ideas and create real programs. Cycling is a simple and powerful functions Multi-Touch on iPad, the app generates a unique learning environment. All the programming lessons are now available in five new languages, they look even better and run even faster.

“Swift Playgrounds can help people of all ages learn the basics of programming. This app downloaded over a million times. Users and students think it is a simple and exciting way of developing Swift, — said the head of Apple Tim cook. — Hundreds of thousands of apps for iPhone and iPad, including the most popular in the App Store, working on Swift. We have made this programming language is powerful yet affordable for everyone.”

“Swift Playgrounds is the perfect app which helps our students to learn programming. I am glad that students in China can now use it in simplified Chinese, says Xiaoming Bao, a lecturer at the School of foreign languages Hangzhou. — Last year we opened an elective course in which my students learn the basic concepts of programming in Swift Playgrounds. I never wrote the code, but it’s simply fascinating app and Apple complete guide for teachers gave me the confidence that I will be able to inspire students, to teach them to program and explain to them how to apply concepts to other subjects and everyday life. Chinese language support will make the learning environment Swift Playgrounds even more simple and intuitive”.

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Swift Playgrounds works on the iPad, including a new 9.7-inch iPad. The tablet opens access to the program, more than 180 000 educational apps created specifically for the iPad, an extensive collection of textbooks and multimedia digital content for learning.

Swift Playgrounds app is available for free download on the App Store. The app works on all iPad models running iOS 10 and later.

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