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Ara: the first smart toothbrush with artificial intelligence

French company Kolibree announced the smart electric toothbrush, equipped with “artificial intelligence”. The device uses a low power processor, and software products are implemented “patented algorithms deep learning”.

The use of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence in the future will become commonplace, so will not require separate mention in the description of electronic devices, but until manufacturers can not deny myself this pleasure.

A device called Ara contains several sensors that analyze the use of features of the toothbrush: in particular, the duration and frequency of use, what areas of the oral cavity are treated and how well.

This information is processed using proprietary algorithms and sent to the paired mobile device running iOS or Android. After this, the user recommendations for improving the care of teeth.

Toothbrush added mobile games. Thus, the user can clean the teeth and simultaneously play on the iPhone. The brush uses the vibration of the bristles with the sound frequency. It weighs 70 g.

Kolibree Ara available for pre-order at a price of $ 80. The launch of new products scheduled for March of this year, and the retail price will be $ 130.

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