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AutoPostBack in St. Petersburg blackmailing drivers broken iPhone 6

In St. Petersburg a landing hunters prestigious cars and the wallets of their owners. In the Arsenal – the crosswalk, a broken iPhone and arrogance. The criminal investigation Department asks drivers terrified of television cliches and giving 60 000, to overcome the shame and fear, telling about the scams.

Taking money from Russian drivers by avtopodstav keeps pace with time and evolves according to the social trends. A couple of years ago scammers faked an accident throws Laundry soap and potatoes on the victim’s car, a demonstration of scratches on their high-end rentals and business cards high-ranking security officers. When got accustomed to the method, the scheme appeared pedestrians, throw under the car.

At the moment in St. Petersburg is catching a setup with the iPhone. This week, according to Spbvoditel, several St Petersburg the driver gave 30 000 rubles for a broken smartphone from Apple.

“Because machines popping up sharply on the road, hit a car, then show a broken iPhone 6. Asking 65 000 rubles. plus at the restaurant again. My father gave 3000 rubles, and then because I was a bit shocked. And yet the mirror all he broke. Be careful,” says a participant of the incident Natalia.

Before passing through “Zebra” the car emerges a man in an expensive suit and beats with the left hand on the hood, side, rear view mirror. It slowed the driver applied the epithets, the softest of which “shit”, is presented to a broken iPhone 6. Brand need for expensive and suit for status and fear.

Any touching of the car and the pedestrian is legally considered a traffic accident and regardless ngonyama horror, the driver first has to think about it, warn lawyers. “Accordingly, it is necessary to call the traffic police for the analysis of the accident and look for surveillance cameras. And to give the money – it’s unthinkable,” explained the lawyer Yury Chistov.

If the pedestrian did not cause harm, the driver may in extreme cases involve under article 12.18 of the code of administrative offences of “Failure to provide advantage in movement to pedestrians or other road users”. Sanction – a fine of 1,500 rubles.

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