OPPO A9 2020 review: color reflexes

Recently we talked about a couple of fresh OPPO models, now it's time for a more detailed story. This story is dedicated to OPPO A9 2020 – yes, in the yard there is still 2019, and the phone already lives in the next. news Two OPPO smartphones with huge batteries arrived in Russia Alexander Pobyvanets […]

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Почему Samsung Galaxy S9 не станет суперхитом

Корейцы оставили все силы в начале 2017-го – теперь Apple легко справится с главным конкурентом. Весной этого года Samsung показала Galaxy S8 – безрамочный флагман, который выглядел рядом с iPhone 7 современнее, чем «Бурдж-Халифа» на фоне сталинской высотки. Азиаты грамотно

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Why the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be a huge hit

The Koreans gave everything at the beginning of 2017 – now Apple will easily cope with the main competitor. In the spring of this year, Samsung showed Galaxy S8 – frameless flagship, which looked next to iPhone 7 is more modern than the “Burj Khalifa” in the background of the Stalinist skyscraper. Asians correctly freed […]

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iPhone X like even fans of Android, but not to bad bloggers

iPhone X gets rave reviews from fans of Android and Microsoft, but some angry bloggers want Apple’s new flagship failed. Edition AppleInsaider analyzed the feedback. “Use iPhone X — is a pleasure”, says Stephen Sinofsky, who until 2012 headed the office Microsoft for Windows development. 7 Nov edition Factcodesing released an article with the headline […]

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Batteries iPhone 8 Plus continue to swell

Before the release of iPhone X in a few weeks, and Apple is working hard to solve problems with the iPhone battery 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Some owners complain of uzdevumi when charging the battery. At the end of last month the owner of the iPhone 8 Plus from Taiwan said that is […]

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Poll: are You ready to spend 1000$ on a new iPhone?

According to financial analysts, only 18% of buyers are willing to buy a new Apple smartphone, if it will cost a thousand dollars. Using this, Samsung wants to increase its share in the premium segment. Barclays analyst mark Moskowitz predicts Samsung’s strengthening position in the premium segment of smartphones after the launch of the Galaxy […]

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Samsung has devoted considerable attention to batteries Galaxy Note8

The company has taken into account the sad experience with the Galaxy Note 7 and the new smartphone puts batteries scrutiny in several stages. Samsung engineers worked with the company for standardization and certification of equipment in the field of security of Underwriters Labs. Each battery Galaxy Note8 is thoroughly tested, consisting of eight trials. […]