What is the most buggy version of iOS?

An interesting experiment was conducted by Bloomberg reporters. Experts of the publication revealed the most stable iOS (starting with iOS 7). The results were curious.

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Bloomberg carefully studied update statistics. They were especially interested in updates that fix bugs. The emphasis was on patches coming out in the first 2 months after release.

It turned out the following: iOS 12 was most lucky. It was Apple that practically did not repair it. The firmware did without long-playing "glitches". By the way, the above confirms Google.

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There are fewer "iOS 12 issue" requests than iOS 13, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, and iOS 7. Obviously, users rarely ran into trouble.

What is the most buggy version of iOS?Image from

iOS 9 also did not cause much complaints. Following her – losing reliability – are iOS 7 and iOS 8. Then worse. With the advent of iOS 10, the life of Apple fans has become more complex.

Who is the leader in the number of patches? If you name iOS 11, you are almost right. She really ruined people's nerves. However – according to Bloomberg – defeated all iOS 13.

Over the 8 weeks of existence, iOS 13 has been updated 8 times. This is a real record. Even with the scandalous iOS 11, the figure is more modest.

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