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How to buy a used MacBook, so you do not regret it

Perhaps you have been dreaming about a MacBook, but the money to gather up new did not manage. And suddenly, you are asked to buy second-hand, or did you hear about the sale. Maybe it’s a computer forum flea market which is constantly selling used gadgets. Besides, not everyone like the new MacBook and MacBook Pro which only have USB-C and there is the usual MagSafe.

Here arises a very important question, how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud? How to determine that the MacBook working and not fail the next day? Publication Ferra offered five useful tips about buying used Apple laptop with it.

Test the keys of the laptop

It may seem like obvious advice, but it really happens: you pushed a few keys at a meeting with the seller, everything seems to be fine, but the house found that the couple still doesn’t work. And it is even so that it is not solved by replacing the keyboard, and is much more expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is better to be extra meticulous at the time of purchase than to run around with a laptop to repair shops.

In addition nakateleeli not be superfluous to test and backlight keys. Unscrew the brightness to maximum by pressing F6 and verify that lights up each of the buttons.

Test your webcam, speakers and microphone

The joys of purchase or, on the contrary, due to nerves or hurry, you can forget about such important components MacBook as a webcam, microphone and speakers. What if you want to engage with the teacher of any language via video link or contact suddenly left to work abroad friend, and “webcam” at purchase did not check? It is better to open FaceTime at the time of purchase than to buy an external webcam or built-in to change.

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Check the battery status

Sometimes, before the sale is not too fresh MacBook, I consciously change the battery. But it’s best not to rely on its responsibility, and to see for himself. For this menu, where we watched the settings of the laptop, locate and click the “system Report”. In the opened window select “power options”. There you can learn about the battery status, and how long has it been charging and discharging it. The maximum number is 1000, but for different models it his own, for some only 300, others 500. Max is not the end of battery life, but with each recharge, the capacity is slightly reduced, and at some point the laptop will just lose adequate autonomy. To know what is the limit on the number of recharge cycles can overcome the battery you purchase the MacBook on a special page.

Make sure this is the model on which you negotiated with the seller

To check which MacBook you still buy, and whether that model, which you agreed with the seller, is not difficult. And absolutely necessary is full of dishonest people who are counting on the carelessness of the buyer. To do this, click on the menu with a logo of a bitten Apple (in the upper left corner of the screen) and select “About this Mac”. There you will be able to know the laptop model, year of manufacture and basic characteristics, to compare this information with the one that gave you the seller.

Here you can see the serial number of the device. It on the special page of the Apple website to see if there is for him some kind of guarantee. The same serial number can be found on the bottom of the device.

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Swipe function test equipment

Finally, the most important checking and, fortunately, it is already pre-installed on any MacBook — the “Functional test Apple hardware”. This test will let you know that the laptop is not in order or even here-here will run your life and will require replacement. However, you will need from 15 minutes to an hour to make the laptop fully checked himself. But after that, you can be sure that your money is not wasted.

To perform this check is not difficult: from the laptop need to disconnect all the peripherals and even the charger. After that you need to turn off MacBok, press the power button and hold down D. Give the laptop some time to think and wait until on the screen will be prompted to begin the test.

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