Old Apple floppy disk sells for $ 7,500

Young users are used to storing everything on a flash drive or in the "cloud." However, before, other media were used to transfer files. It's about floppy disks.

Old Apple floppy disk sells for $ 7,500Image from

Famous Macintosh computers are no exception. The system software for them (such as the Macintosh System Tools) was recorded on floppy disks. Now something like that is a rarity.

The following illustrates the following example. At RR Auction – a famous trading platform – an unusual lot appeared. He is related to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.

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Collectors are offered a floppy disk with Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0. These are not just programs for ancient PCs. The thing was signed by Jobs himself (rarely signing autographs).

Old Apple floppy disk sells for $ 7,500Image from

The item is well preserved. Therefore, it is estimated at a tidy sum. Rates exceeded $ 5,000 and reached (according to forecasts) $ 7,500.

So much money for such a small thing? She is unique. Current owners documented authenticity. A true gift for Apple fans.

Acceptance of applications for purchase will end on December 4. If you want to take it, hurry up.

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