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The function “Help with Wi-Fi” in iOS 9 causes the excessive mobile traffic

It would seem that history with ridiculously high bills related to the use of mobile devices long relegated to the past. Meanwhile, upgrading to the latest version of the mobile platform Apple has taken some iPhone users a significant cost. Some users iOS 9 complained about the excessive consumption of mobile traffic their devices.

Among the opportunities of the new edition of the Apple operating system was the ability to compare the throughput of your Internet connection by Wi-Fi and mobile networks – function “Help with Wi-Fi”. In that case, if the wireless network is not stable and quickly, the mobile device is able to switch to using mobile Internet – 3G or LTE.

According to Business Insider, some users have complained of a significant increase in mobile data usage after upgrading to iOS 9. In particular, a blogger named Jim ray indicates that he replaced the increase in data usage with 1-2 GB to 7 GB after upgrading to the new OS and he is confident that the case in “Help with Wi-Fi”.

If mobile traffic has grown significantly, you can disable this function in the OS settings. To do this, open the Settings app and go to Cellular. Here scroll down to “Help with Wi-Fi” and move the toggle switch to the “on”position.

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