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5 hidden features of the new Music app in iOS 8.4

Music streaming service Apple Music start this week with the release of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2. After downloading the update service opens in the default Music app on the iPhone or iPad. Streaming service lets you listen to music from your iTunes library and catalog, which includes more than 30 million tracks, and save songs for offline listening. On Apple Music available playlists with novelties, or music chosen to match the tastes of the user.

Owners of iOS devices and experts have already assessed the possibility of Apple Music. Users call the service more thoughtful than the competition, although more difficult to read. Despite the fact that Apple tried to make the application interface is the most user friendly, the application has non-obvious function, which is dedicated to this post. MacDigger offers 5 functions, the knowledge of which will beg work with Apple Music on iPhone and iPad.

1. View album art for the selected song

Listening to any track, the user can view the album, which was released this musical composition. To do this, click on the ‘ … ‘ icon next to the song title, then click on the album cover in the drop down menu.

2. View offline music

Want to view all uploaded for offling listening to music? Go to My music section and click on the line labeled “Artists” (default). Turn the switch “Music available. offline” in the “On” position. Now the app will only show the music downloaded on your iPhone and iPad.

3. Manage collections Apple

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If you don’t like the recommendations proposed by Apple in the “For you”, you can refuse collections. To do this, press and hold for a few seconds on the playlist and choose in the dropdown menu “is Less similar recommendations. Hence, it is possible to make music available offline, add it to the “Next” to share the playlist, etc.

4. A list of recently played radio stations

Don’t know where to find the old iTunes Radio station? They are hidden along with the other stations in the list of recently listened on tab Radio. Select that page and click on the “Recently played”.

5. The history of listened tracks section Next

To see which tracks you listened to the last few days, open the player cover full screen, press the icon list and make a swipe down. Section “Next” will show the history of what you listen for the last time. Unfortunately, history does not sync between devices: for each device – iPhone, iPad and Mac – the list is your.

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