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The function of “picture in Picture” in iOS 9 hacked to play Doom [video]

Developer Adam bell has hacked operating system, iOS 9, to play the iconic shooter using the function “picture in picture”. Technology developer showed on the video in YouTube.

“Hacked the function of “picture in picture” in iOS 9 (codenamed Pegasus) to play Doom on top of all applications (including the home screen) without jailbreak or implementation process,” wrote bell under the video.

The function of “picture in picture” in iOS 9 available exclusively for the iPad. It works just like the video in the official YouTube app, allowing you to watch videos anywhere on the screen simultaneously with the work of other programs. This eliminates the need to close and restart videos when surfing the web or reading mail.

“Thank you for showed. Now Apple will fix it,” commented the video of Doom a user named Col tin.

The release of iOS 9 will take place this fall. To install the operating system on all iPhones starting with the 4s, the iPad starting with the iPad 2 and iPad mini and iPod touch 5. the platform will weigh 1.3 GB — almost four times less than required for iOS 8.

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