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What will be the iPhone 9? Perhaps the first iPhone jony Ive after returning

The most mysterious gadget 2018.

After the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X it seemed that Apple will tie with the classic names, because technically, the iPhone 9 will be a step back – from ten to nine.

But Tim cook has already demonstrated that he doesn’t care about the conventions – for example, SEO companies ruthlessly missed the iPhone 7s, spit on the established naming Apple.

Accordingly, the iPhone 9 could debut next September. Yet information about it is less than smart speakers in the Apple Store, but something still slipped to the press and suppliers.

Below is the facts and speculation about the ninth iPhone.

1. Metal case

Everything is confirmed – no glass, only metal. Accordingly, it is possible to say goodbye to wireless charging, but no one will be bored – this feature is hard to call extremely important.

But there is hope that Apple will significantly expand the range of colors and are not only black/silver/gold iPhone 9, but something fun.

For example, blue or bright pink case.

2. Giant screen

From Nikkei said that the iPhone 9 is expected to launch 6.1-inch display, not OLED and regular LCD. Because of this, there is a possibility that the iPhone 9, about which we gradually learn from the media, will actually be called iPhone 9 Plus.

The main hope associated with the presence of technology ProMotion, which provides a refresh rate at 120 GHz.

Tell us about the advantages here is useless – you need to go to the nearest Apple store to touch the new iPad Pro and travel orgasm from his divine display. After this procedure the screen of your iPhone will seem outdated and slow.

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If 120 GHz will be introduced in iPhone 9, Apple will provide yourself with a terrible amount of pre-orders, and their products – extremely enthusiastic reviews in IT publications.

3. New design

None of the suppliers have not yet said a word about the appearance of the iPhone 9. Spy photos either. Therefore, all assumptions based solely on logic.

So, jony Ive very soon again will start to work on the main Apple products.

There is a feeling that bored without actions the designer will take over from iPhone – it is time to update the corps, which in September 2018 banging four years. Especially if you mix the old framework with a 6.1-inch screen phablet will not fit in any pocket.

My prediction – the iPhone 9 will be “the unibrow” (it’s probably got something to do with the camera and Face ID), and the frame around the screen will be noticeably wider than the iPhone X, but much narrower than the iPhone 6/7/8 (especially top and bottom).

Another possible scenario is the gadget in the style of Xiaomi Redmi. With the conventional low-fat part, but without the brand guide:

Although it looks too impersonal – it will be sad if Ive would approve of such a platitude.

4. Adequate price

The journalists got the information about the price of 650 dollars. It is very cheap, especially for such a large iPhone.

There are only two options: either preliminary price – fake or Apple will save on the processor (put period), the camera (to be single), the screen (a little more than 300 ppi) or the housing (take the cheaper aluminium).

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But in theory a 6.1-inch iPhone for 650 bucks Sverdlovenergo offer. The current rate is 38 500 roubles. That is, if 9 iPhone debut tomorrow, but arrived in Russia the day after tomorrow, it officially would cost less than 50 thousand for the available modification.

Now the “gray” sellers ask so much for the iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB – the same metal, but with a massive framework. But with dual camera – a point in favor of “seven”.

5. The main intrigue

The flagship Apple products work without recharging on the level of Android-competitors: half a day in the brutal regime of that day in normal, half in economy.

C 9 iPhone everything can change – there will get a record capacity battery. For example, more than three thousand mAh battery. So personally I expect a significant jump in autonomist – it would be great if “nine” live light day at all loads.

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