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Protect eyes with F. lux tweak for iOS 8.4 [Cydia]

Many of us for several hours every day looking at the screen of their mobile devices. However, not all know that the right setting display iPhone and iPad can do the job more comfortable. Brightness, contrast and color temperature to reduce eye strain and protect eyesight. The screen brightness can be set independently or rely on auto mode iOS, but to ensure color temperature is called jailbreak tweak called F. lux.

Updated F. lux does a very simple thing – changes the color temperature of the screen of your iOS device in accordance with the time of day: warm in the morning and at night to normal during the day. Set the desired settings for day and night time and the tweak will automatically adjust the temperature of your display gadget.

Section F. lux settings contains two submenu to select “color temperature” for night and daytime and two switches, one of which activates a smooth transition between the set day and night settings, and the second allows you to automatically disable the tweak when working with graphics applications.

If you like the idea of f. lux and you decide to install this tweak, you’ll need to jailbreak and add a separate repository of the developer – The author claims full compatibility of the new beta version (0.9884) with iOS 8.4. F. lux is free.

Incidentally, a similar formulation exists for the Mac.

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