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3 useful pieces of Android O, which is missing in iOS

The dispute about what is better — iOS or Android — doesn’t stop the last years, and each side cites the most compelling arguments. Advantages and disadvantages, enough to have both operating systems, and user preferences each user their own.

Nougat for the next generation of mobile operating system Google your business name has not yet but already released as a preview version for developers. Traditionally, it is denoted by the next highest letter of the English alphabet — Android O.

iOS and Android have a lot to learn from each other than they are, in fact, engaged for the last seven years. Some chips are better obtained from Apple, some Google. Today let’s talk about what iOS could borrow good fresh Android O.

Mode “picture in picture” for smartphones

The list of improvements in Android O opens the mode “picture in picture” for smartphones. Introduced in previous platform versions, multi-window interface in the new OS received further development in the view mode “picture in picture”. As the the feature in TVs, it allows you to play videos in a small window on top of other apps. If in the Apple ecosystem, this feature is only available on the iPad, then on Android O it can be used on smartphones. The size and aspect ratio of the window defined by the user.

Pending notification

Notifications in Android O you can “mute” for some time. Clicking on the icon with the image clock, it is proposed to select the period (15, 30 or 60 minutes) during which notifications will not be displayed on the device. After this time, you can view the missing messages. Thus, the user does not overlook important notifications by reason of employment in a certain period of time.

Notification channels

In Android O app will be able to group send user notifications in different channels. Users will be able to more finely manage notifications, allowing and denying them not only at the level of individual applications, but also on the level of alert types within each application. For example, to prevent the group notifications, but allow mention in the messengers. Or for online play, you can enable the notification messages from partners in the virtual battles, but to prohibit the advertisement about the availability of in-app purchases.

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